OBSERVATION...      by Dan Kenney

  I believe Observation is probably the strongest tool one can posses; if you truly know how to use it.  These are not words from some "self help" book or article...... but valuable insight that I'd like to share with you.  Through much realization, focus and drive, I have learned to truly observe.

  Once you train your mind to truly observe, the data you will gather over time is absolutely priceless.  It's important to understand that to OBSERVE is not simply to see, or to watch.... but to truly soak in every detail and be able to reference this in your mind as similar challenges, obstacles or opportunities present themselves.

  I've been strengthening my skill of Observation for over 20 years now, even taking notes along the way.  I really didn't know why I realized observation was so powerful.  But I always knew I was learning for a reason.... just did not totally understand what that reason was or would be.  I do understand now.  Founding this business, LOOKIN UP is the reason so I can assist and share what I have learned.

  Over the years I have seen many positive scenarios come up, as well as many "not so good" ones as I've been on different job tasks, positions and relations.  To observe is to recognize such scenarios and have the ability to also record what the outcome was.... good or bad.  "How did this certain decision effect the people directly involved, the work being done, and/or the business overall?"  Remember that scenario whether the outcome was good or bad.  You will learn from either or both. 

  Now I bring up an important point.... "hind-sight".  This term is always used sarcastically or jokingly; such as "hind-sight is 20/20".  It's mocked because it seems obvious and easy to critique a certain scenario after the fact.  But I find great value in "hind-sight" because I use it as a tool, a lesson.  Say for instance a project you've observed resulted in a very negative outcome.  Ask yourself, if you were the actual decision maker there.... how would you have done it differently?  It is also very important to note, at which time throughout this project would the most critical decision need to be made.  Every project, good or bad has a "pivot point".  I define this as the point in which any project can take a turn for the good or the bad.  In the beginning, almost every project worth working on has the ability somehow to come out positively.  Observation provides you with the factual data to aid in decisions along the way.

  Again, these words are mine.  I wanted to share this because I strongly feel everyone can benefit by training their minds to truly OBSERVE.  Be a sponge, my friends.  Canadian business needs some strong leaders now more than ever.  Families and Communities need strong leaders.  You have the ability to be one !!!!

The name of our business, LOOKIN UP was derived of 4 very important elements:

  • "LOOKIN UP" with regards to Canada's overall economy and focus as we come out of the Great Global Recession.  Things really are lookin up !!!
  • "LOOKIN UP" information and researching funding assistance programs to aid our clients in building or improving their business.
  • "LOOKIN UP" as in North.... to Canada. 
  • "LOOKIN UP" to God for guidance and thanking him for showing me personally the path that I was to follow in order to share my strengths, experience and gifts with others.  Everyone of us has a true purpose in life.  The real challenge is recognizing and even accepting this purpose.

It's important to have an outlet for creativity and to aid in concentration.  Guitar works for me....


A few words of encouragement and thought from Dan & Nancy Kenney, owners of LOOKIN UP.

Business Technician and

Project Management